ASM Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) Review - 5 STARS

What is the Amazing Selling Machine (aka ASM)? 

A 5 Star Review - From an Unbiased* E-Commerce Veteran

ASM was developed by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback to help empower new entrepreneurs by offering a systemic way to build a private label company to sell products starting on Their premise is that by building your own brand and smartly sourcing and marketing your product on the world's biggest e-commerce marketplace you can build a very nice business. Best of all most ANYONE can do it. You don't have to have experience. But you do have to work at it and make it a real business: Any idea that you can list on Amazon and magically sales start pouring in is naive. You must have the self discipline to work the program, not stop when faced with an obstacle and the general attitude of doing whatever it takes to win.

Since most of us here at have decades of experience with creating new companies, brands, private labeling, manufacturing and distribution we didn't really know what value ASM could bring to our own businesses. However, the intrigue about the program was certainly there so we bit the bullet during ASM4 which was launched around October 2014. We were skeptical about spending that kind of money for something that we were unsure of the value, but the information that was shared during the sales process was so valuable combined with the 30 money back guarantee we knew that we should push forward.

What we witnessed over the subsequent weeks was a very well presented curriculum which presented a systemic way of building your own brand. The program literally shows step by step how to create your company, select a fast selling product to produce, market your new item and much more. To be honest some of the modules were redundant for us because of our decades of experience, but without question the systemic and careful approach of the program would leave nobody behind who needed help with the start up fundamentals.

ASM has now become a foundation for training for many successful entrepreneurs. 

"It is a fact that most anyone can follow the steps even without prior business experience or training."

Our founder here at, Steve Simonson, has been in e-commerce since 1996. He has built companies that have exceeded 75 million per year in sales. He has sold well over a 1/4 of a billion dollars in products to B2C and another 1/2 a billion in products via B2B channels.

When asked about ASM Steve says, "ASM is the perfect balance of step by step tactics with big picture strategy. The tactics must be executed, but when combined with advanced strategies to find, buy and market your own private label products; it is a winner.  Anyone with a desire to build a business and earn their freedom should consider this seriously."

The point is ASM is an investment in yourself with a very positive return on investment. (ROI) Over time we have seen a lot of people wondering if the program is some MLM scam, a rip-off, over priced or they complain about it without ever having been involved with it. That is typical of any group of naysayers. Those who have implemented the business model and those who have experience can attest to the absolute superiority of this program vs. any known options for a novice to start a business.

There was an aha moment around December 2014. The realization was clear. Even though Steve and others around the startsolid team know the steps to start a business they have never taken the time to document it. Heck, they can even recite all of the requirements to build your own private label business on demand from memory. What they can't, or at least won't do, but what absolutely needs doing, is to give would-be entrepreneurs a system for building their business. This very precise systemic approach can not be undervalued. ASM is something special. It is something of great value.

The best part of this is that by engaging the content and sharing the ASM program with other people who wanted to become entrepreneurs the startsolid team is already seeing terrific results. 

In only a few months students following the ASM program, with the help of the startsolid team, have seen results of over $15,000 in sales in a single month with trends toward much higher sales around the holidays.

StartSolid (stevesimonson)  is an ASM affiliate so let's be clear about that relationship up front. For those that join the ASM program through the startsolid program you are eligible for exclusive bonuses at no extra cost to you - just by joining using our affiliate link. Plus we get a little scooby snack which keeps the website running and maintains support for entrepreneurs at full speed ahead.

ASM7 is currently closed therefore no enrollment is possible. 

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*We have no bias. This review is absolutely true and formed on our own experience and observations, but to be clear the links are affiliate links so although that could open up the potential for bias, we never recommend ANYTHING that we don't believe in or have bought ourselves. If we felt this program was a scam or not worth the investment we would not be affiliated with it and we would publicly say our negative opinion of it.

Check out a sample below of some of the sessions we have from time to time with our startsolid group: